Dear Submitters,

   In reply to your last message, I’m writing you from the Drowned House under the lake to your Burning House in the internet because the Gas House makes me tear and vomit upon entering and the Buried House remains unearthed. It is my understanding that you wish to send handwritten letters and postcards to fictitious persons from alternate Earths. Surely, you and your world is considered no less fictitious to them. But I will nonetheless humor this futile exchange—serving as your mercurial postman. Closely following my guidelines ensures that each letter and postcard transfers effectively. However, beware of the errors made by the techno modernist zealots. They cower at the wellsprings of decay, of terms and limits, of the tangible artifacts and palimpsests in which handwritten letters and postcards are baptized. Do not give into their weaknesses, and, moreover, do not try to stage our already counterfeit means.




1) All letters and postcards must be handwritten; the stock of the paper is inconsequential


2) All doodles and artwork contained in each letter or on each postcard MUST be ‘by author’ (original artwork only)


3) There is no word count, but handwritten letters cannot exceed a 3 page maximum; a maximum of 1 handwritten letter per submission OR 2 postcards per submission is also enforced


4) Each letter’s page or each postcard is to be scanned or photographed and then submitted as individual high quality jpegs


5) Each page and corresponding jpeg of a handwritten letter is to be numbered in consecutive order; each postcard should contain its front and back sides within a single jpeg file


6) Email your jpegs as “Handwritten Letters Submission” to


7) Lastly, and most importantly if conflicted, twist a pen in the wound so your story leaks out. But remember: we write in vain and by erasure in disintegrating languages for our aborted heirs…


Temporarily Yours,

Elytron Frass