Not For Profit/For Prophecy


Lucy Whitehead

Two poems by Lucy Whitehead


The kaleidoscope
of the pine tree
is opening.

There is no where to go.

It umbrellas me
moment to moment –
I cannot escape its dance.

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Two Poems by Lucy Whitehead

Spider Magic

I have woven a web

around you, as if of gossamer

or blown bubble gum,

If anyone should force

their will upon you

it shall be strong

as steel though invisible

and fine to the touch.

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The Orange Tree – Lucy Whitehead

The Orange Tree

At the centre of a cloistered courtyard
encircled by curve and shadow
a ladder reaches from earth to sky.

While men whip the sin
from their flesh, red ribboned inside
darkened cells, or gaze Continue reading “The Orange Tree – Lucy Whitehead”

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