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Reading Liber Exuvia by Elytron Frass is to enter the murmuring memoirs of an astral traveller. Is to encounter the self as it is – not as fixed point or outpost in temporal time but self as vaporous, porous and atemporal – self as ghost haunting the flesh, spectre sojourning the house of mist. Self as fracture, fact amassed and massacred, exploding and imploding in all directions, past present future for infinity. Everywhere and everyone and everywhen.

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Written in the style of a synopsis, Liber Exuvia is an innovative occult engine of word and image that serves to pull one further away and closer to, to draw clearer and more opaque. The apparition apparatus by which what can never be remembered may be memorialised in a ceremony of our unforgetting. A voiced vessel through tentacle and ventricle of past present future lives ventriloquised. A mirror in which all mouths and all biographies are reflected and in that shining reflection can be seen to be unified. Blake’s word as time machine materialised. These portals transport. Liber Exuvia is literature for astral projectors.

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Liber Exuvia is a unique and exhilarating reading experience.

Liber Exuvia by Elytron Frass is published by gnOme books and is available to purchase here





Elytron Frass – Author/collage artist hybridizing #erotic #grotesque + #occult + #identity + #gender + #outsider themes


reviewed by – Miggy Angel