Eight prints (monotypes, 15 H x 11 W in each) of the series “Short Stories”, completed in 2016.

Gabriel Feld: “Each print is composed of four rectangles depicting, somehow, various characters, artifacts, places, etc. Several of the images appear multiple times in different circumstances. Part of a larger material exploration, these prints can be “read” as stories; they could be part of a board game or a deck of cards, storyboards for a play, or pages from an instruction manual.


“I am an architect and a teacher. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have lived in the US for the last thirty years. Since 1990 I have been a professor at Rhode Island School of Design. For the past two years I was in Rome as chief critic of RISD’s European Honors Program. My work has been exhibited in the US, Europe and South America, most recently at the XXI Esposizione Internazionale della Triennale di Milano.”


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