Shimmering Pebbles


May your world be cast

Into tiny shimmering pebbles

Set upon a bookshelf

Arranged in the chapters of your life


And may others gaze upon that shelf

Read those straight backed

Shoulder-to-shoulder volumes

Every nuance, every rippled tone

Of your voice, clear and measured


And may your inner light cast

Such shadows that will forever banish fear


May your sharp as dagger words

Girdle the globe

Light up its firmament

Turn a crescent moon whole


May your pebbles

Be cast into a sea of

Shimmering stones

In a sky of stars

Set within an ocean of light.







martin dean

Martin Dean, a keen observer of irony and the absurd, was born in London at the same address as the elephant man met his fate. Based now in Nottingham working as an acupuncturist, he is also a prolific health blogger. He is a member of the DIY poets collective and a regular at open mic events around the city. He has had work published by Dagda publishing and ‘I am not a silent poet’.


featured photography by badpoem