Smoke Signals


I rouse reluctantly, my home aflame,

The reek of burning stoppered by the door,

But infiltrating cracks and dreams the same,

Uneasily unconscious of our war.

At first my dreams are murky, undecided,

Dark clouds foreshadowing a hellish end.

In reheated reruns, I smell the trend:

His smoldering anger sears us divided.

Somnolent, I can’t triage what to keep,

Our safety not his top priority.

While what we built together falls to ash,

Rebranding me with hot authority

Comes first, and then I come to in a flash–

Get out, get out, you’ll smother in your sleep!








Griffin Sierra is a bisexual poet, artist, editor, and parent living in the north Los Angeles area, currently sonnet-journaling about emotional abuse, divorce, depression and recovery.