…what say now/ as if unsaid/ said/ what then

now/ often/ strays what will/


beyondless fathomless not/ close door/ what

foreign gift silenced/


stream from out of which dead head in gutter

breath/ asks yet in/


what dense however/ hover/ above neither

beyond nor ever/ close it it says/


features what there it goes once more/ collects

dull wrench unword/


collects after which/ again/ not a/ as if to/ long

shadow fallen evernight/


breath/ dislocate/ all blood/ season trace what

wind/ echo din/


trace what end what steps collapses/ what/

collapses what dressage light wither/


flesh what rot perceived/ bled lights colourings

design/ till knock spat at rhythm/


here there it goes redempt no/ again/ no what

say now/ as if it were/


beyond nor ever were/ lapse in tidal worship of

in sunless moonless/


broke stone death what to suffer what/ toll in

motion abjurant/


sky lapse depth what in or of forgotten/ claims

lest it cannot what spoken lung/


again/ withers away/ dredge winds/ outro/

sudden red flash of none/


bespoke climb stairwell/ bites down/ echo echo/

returns to where/


from out unbecoming/ pissblind/ steps cannot/

shadow-lock still breath/


what life what breath/ unto/ given unto record/

as if in which what held cast stone/


ripplemirror/ blind trace ecstasy/ no/ gutted/

exhales/ returns back to where/


from which it was unsaid/ stonelight laughter/

not a/ voiceless thankless silence/


again/ given yes then taken from what matter/

collects bone dusts/ hacks/ spittoon/


not a sound other than/ yet echo-dim/ gathers

what what prescence/ once a/


traceless unto follow no not/ traceless/ drunk

vileness vomitous shit-stained breath/


having spoken unto/ bankrupt/ tastes shadow

fallen/ what say now/ cascades/


does not move/ flies gathering/ flesh-reek dense

terse collect/ black +1/


orchard skull/ it has not flown/ further/

disrecollects/ vanishing point/


utters what we lung/ rat pulse adagio blood/

sickness stricken temperature/


again/ nothing as before not a/ silhouette after

one/ another/ claim upon/


what say now/ as if unsaid/ said/ as flock flow

sudden as/ inflex whisper/


tide dischord abounding/ bound deft ilk

skymarrow/ says that it must/


trace what will accordance utterance/ till aside/

what/ as was/


unto lacking fierce/ tilt tide back-rhythm

bonesnap/ reeks as which unto/


cast die breath/ closes door/ specious no/ silence

accumulative/ motion intro passage/


again/ no/ no not a sound to taste other vocal

tide benign/ what hell


we longed for/ I longed for/ taste waste attrition/

some darkened chamber lacking/


breathless/ skull it vast/ collect blood next

untidal swept/


until discovery none/ not a/ again/ nothing ever

as before/ swept aside all voice denounced/


cleft till/ body what body warped/ in-depth



seen laughter spasm depth will no uncloud/

spasm/ murmuring/


it is unsight unshadowing/ become/ not a/ again/

absent force amber lights/


collective inwardly spasm light spoken never of/

steps out into/ unto/


utter dark what spell/ drought all about as if to

having said of/ paces about/


whispers gladiola/ dead lung speech/ siege/

nothing from which in having taken/


broken of what will spoken none in depth

attrition/ fades yes/


again/ perceives night sky/ remnants/ utterings

from nothing ever/


collapse I speech/ in-dreaming dreamt/ unsky

divide/ traces what lie/


still upon fresh ground devouring silt black bone

what in/ alack what breath/


breathe it says as if/ echoing veranda restive/

tearblight/ mercury dissolve/


it says it remains unsaid/ tantamount to/ again/

not a/ utter shit/ utters shit/


vast wild world abort before given eye respective

trace desire/


demarcated lines in fresh sand/ or perhaps soil/

what matter/ death spoken of abound lack/


what emptily/ eat soil it says/ absolute/

forgotten/ clasps fist/ beats upon/


indefinable dark in mist through which gazed

foreign adrift unspeaking ever/


we lung what/ what we/ I/ what I/ break sudden/

broke stone yes as was before/


again/ film across the eyes/ lies still/ what still/

silenced unto/ fades unto close/


flood flare endless taste bone attrition/ desire

what spectre fathom/


dead eye speechless/ till close half palm/ paring

away/ soil pared away/


stripped locus/ not a/ paces roundelay/ bite down

unto of from tooth to lip toothen/


iron taste/ exhales/ again/ severed purpose

lights/ in reek of abscond/


not a bloody chance/ I will/ says what I will

disconnects yes it will/


blank vortice/ broke else there it lays/ flayed

carcass/ soil pared away/


gapes in woundage settled/ desires what haven

blood/ no further blood/


echo-tint/ crosses avalanche what/ says what

what if/ shadowed skyline no/


black sky pin-pricked/ shadow again of which

down tread fallen upon useless/


useful earth/ lacking/ so much for/ if of longing

for the-the/ scarred/


without longing/ ache tread/ silenced/ again/

again what notion prevalent in woundage/


cuts long laugher silenced/ not a/ black milk of

forcep breath/ it I lies it cannot/


tastes what will/ treads back neither for nor

back/ again/ unto/ as if to/


can or not/ getting at it/ no/ lapse of/ foreign no

it if what will/


plumage scattered stones brick wind/ erect as

will to sever/ severs no/


no will from out of severance collapse/ spits/

gathers further phlegm/


no walls not a turning of sky unheld for moment

never once collide dense till ache/


again/ lays down/ in-dreaming/ inserts/ pares

away further soil what matter depth/


commits unto/ bled out/ slides in/ out/ again/ as

was before with obsolete/


so on/ so forth/ till bitter end unknown collapse

eye out of lock resign unto spread silence/


severed all/ digs further graven to/ ice what we/

ejaculates again it was once known/


dry spasm in solar heat/ not a/ lays me down/

taste what known/


neither if or other than/ flies gathering/

soundless breath desire/


what death desire severed bleeding out/ some

pageantry/ flesh what light it bleeds/


not a/ again/ soundless silence all purpose








Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). He is the author of a number of collections of poetry, prose poetry, poetic aphorisms and prose, most notably ‘Attributes’, (Desperanto, NY, 2011), ‘The Non Herein’ & ‘Of Dead Silences’ (Lapwing Publications, 2011/ 2013), ‘Of the Nothing Of’, ‘The Zero Eye’, ‘The Bled Sun’, ‘In Damage Seasons’,(Oneiros Books (U.K)–2013/ 14); ‘Code #4 Texts’ a collaboration with the Dutch poet, Aad de Gids, was also published in 2014 by Oneiros. He was also the editor/ creator of Bone Orchard Poetry, & edited for Oneiros Books (U.K 2013/ 2014). A further collection, ‘Un-Sight/ Un-Sound (delirium X.), was published by gnOme books (U.S). ‘EchoNone’ & ‘Of Dissipating Traces’ were also recently released by Oneiros Books…’breath(en) flux’, a chapbook, was recently released by Hesterglock Press. Black Editions also recently published ‘in arena night’ & ‘in absentia’…