The Bridal Suite


After eleven years she wondered suddenly at the silence. Once there were so many words to fit into the hour before sleep and now barely a syllable was uttered. The silken pull of the eiderdown over the blanket whispered: You are lost to me, lost to me. She shared a bed with him but left a channel between their bodies, where the mattress rose in a placid slope. There was no need to instruct him not to move across it, not to attempt the climb by reaching his arms out towards her. In moments of desire we clutch at the unknown; in moments of desperation we preserve the familiar and so gathering these she had come to know him as well as the planes they lay upon—the way he moved, the sighs he breathed, the textures at certain sites along his figure; the folds and scents at others. She had observed him so closely, preserved by distance, that she could no longer lie peacefully with his details. Every night she flattened her body into her hollow of the mattress and prayed, though she was without faith, for an icy river to come flooding between them, for a handful of silver pieces to toss into it; for an original emotion to wake up to in the morning.




Lucky Luciano


I am committed

by so many log-in screens

to you.


It really is impossible

for us

to end it.


Typing you into fields

no matter how quickly

the characters obscure


will work the keys

like wires

into my heart.


Changing every last password

seems a painful proposition



perhaps there is

an app

for that.





The Graduate_e0

Kathryn Hummel is the author of Poems from Here and The Bangalore Set. Her diverse, award-winning poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography has been published and performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Asia, often in collaboration with musicians and fellow writers. Throughout her travels, Kathryn has completed a PhD in narrative ethnography and has been a writer-in-residence with Australian Poetry, Forever Now, 1ShanthiRoad and the Kena Artists’ Initiative in Bangalore. Her movements can be tracked at her website and on Twitter.