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Enantiomorph, by Germán Sierra

on the wake of my fall into abstraction, a body will be missing—
not its shape but its previously summoned math
the racemic transparency of a mechanical device
forced into the impossible symmetry of a ghost

i only go to bodies i wouldn’t mind to die beside
they’re road ends—
eerie books—
their spinal, hinged, swiveling accessibility to be polynomially open in half

been there for you—deloved—virid—crowfeathered—
dreams bitching up their way to the end of nights

waiting, wondering where in the frozen-by-moonlight, orthogonal, almost evaporated bedroom, the polyhedral spider will embellish her thorax with a starfishs kimono Continue reading “Enantiomorph, by Germán Sierra”

Santa Muerte: Love, Sex, Death, and Rebirth in Mexican Folk Religion, by Eliott Edge

SANTA MUERTE (SAINT DEATH) is arguably one of the most interesting and enigmatic religious and magical icons to hit the Americas in recent memory.

Garbed as Mother Mary, but cast as a skeleton saint, this figure took the Americas by storm in the late 20th and early 21st century.

It is important to note that Santa Muerte is not a ‘Goddess of Death.’ Santa Muerte is a representation of Death itself—Death Herself.

Among Her devotees (whom are largely Mexican Catholics), She is often named ‘Santísima’—or, ‘Most Holy.’ Why can be explained in two-fold. (1) Devotees of Santa Muerte argue theologically that Jesus could not become the Christ if it was not for his inevitable passage into the realm of Death (Santa Muerte). (2) Among the Saint-magical working Catholics of Mexico, Santa Muerta is considered among many the MOST efficacious miracle-worker regarding real-world needs (over Mary, Michael, Anthony, all the other Saint and Angels.) Thus, it can be ironically argued that no Saint, nor Angel (in a majority candle-magic-focused religious tradition—No other Catholic icon holds a candle to the miracles available via Santa Muerte devotion. Continue reading “Santa Muerte: Love, Sex, Death, and Rebirth in Mexican Folk Religion, by Eliott Edge”

Into The Beyond, by Ewan Aparicio

Into The Beyond

Into The Beyond, by Ewan Aparicio
Collage on paper, 2019.
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Can’t Fake a Fake Life, by Kevin Farrell, Jr

I’m completely over it.

This ever present guilt,
an effervescent spirit;
it took death to impress.

Ephemeral pleasures,
hold on, it’s already gone.

All clowns cry,
our clocks wink goodnight.

Won’t buy what you’re selling;
rather rob you blind in broad daylight.

The most beautiful thing in the world
is realizing there is no soul that carries on.

Beyond and after
is just here and now,

an angle unseen
from a self-centered mirage.

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Sex of Death, by Mike Ferguson

That copywriter who missed ‘Sex or Death’ – beaten to within an inch of their error. No make-up required in the seduction of myth. Devil’s Advocacy is deviation rather than deviance. Making the world a better place has always been a dream of the few for the many, and where water flows it will eventually meet its own end. In capitalist readings, the Eighth House is for tax dodgers, not sex lodgers. On the fringe. The demise of conversation is irrelevant to the Aquarius phone caller who is happy satisfying themselves. Groping in belief’s light and dark. The mirth of Uranus will never die down, even for a god of gods. When Coleridge chose the pious over the oneness. Good Evil and Heaven’s Hell in a Battle of the Bands, riffing sweet harmonies. Moving beyond Catholicism, this is a different kind of devil to accept/reject.

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Thanatos, My Lover, by Alex Amos

Human beings have a proclivity for interpreting their experiences through a dualistic lens. Maybe it has something to do with the hemispheric structure of our brains; or perhaps, it’s simply because we’re stimulated by the novelty of contrast. Whatever the reason, we can be certain that since time immemorial we have sought to make sense of the world through binary models of interpretation. Binaries act as information filters by simplifying complexity down to its most essential elements; also, the bridging and combining opposing differentials can potentially stimulate new avenues of creative thought. If they are given over to representation, binaries perform a symbolic function by embodying multiple information sets within a unified aesthetic. Continue reading “Thanatos, My Lover, by Alex Amos”

You’re Not There. by Lotus Kozak

I remembered the feel of you, how you felt heavy and slightly sweaty.
I remembered how our eyes met, and our spirits seemed connected.
Now I am weightless. Now I am in the dark.
And you’re not there.
It is a funny thing to have once been so connected to the earth, to be rooted there.
The life left my body, that rooted body, so easily, and so gracefully.
I left you and I floated away.
I should feel something I said to myself. ‘I don’t I answered.
As I rose into the air I could see within the depths of a great forest.
Every action in that forest so precise, so vital.
Sex, life, death, rebirth.
I passed over a city.
Every building was as if the roof was removed.
I could see the lives within, patterns repeating.
Sex, life, death, rebirth.
I am pulled upwards suddenly.
Being as, I supposed, the allotted time to look around was over.
Ahead of me is a great cosmic sea.
That’s a tad cliché isn’t it? Yet, there it is.
Expanding in and out, like it breathes. Breathes life and death.
There are naked iridescent beings in the waves, capering about.
Sometimes joining together, then splitting apart again.
Some disappear, and new ones arrive.
But you’re not there.
It’s time to go now, the goddess is here.

My ancestors are here too.
And there are others. Great winged creatures.
They are taking me somewhere, and I am grateful to go.
But I wonder, will you be there? Continue reading “You’re Not There. by Lotus Kozak”

Twitter Famous, by Cleo Henry

The door closed 3 days ago and it hasn’t opened again. I have had 16 diet cokes and I chew gum like crazy. I have a thermometer and I take my temperature, write it on a bit of paper and push it under the door for them.

I have seen other people doing this and they get hundreds of followers. They post pictures of their food but I don’t have a camera with me. I ate spaghetti bolognese with that pre-powdered parmesan that is sandy and coats your tongue.

There is a man I can see from my window and he tidies outside. He doesn’t look at me ever so I watch him and watch him. He has beautiful shiny black hair and the label sticks out the back of his shirt. Continue reading “Twitter Famous, by Cleo Henry”

MAXIMUM SCORPIO, by Garett Strickland


Some time ago, poet & astrologer Sarah Fox and I – following a reading by poet & astrologer Sun Yung Shin – (gosh, there are a lot of them!) – got into a discussion regarding cusps.

According to Fox, they don’t exist. Born edging the terminus of a sign, one has essentially experienced the full qualities of said sign, travelled deeper into the mysteries of that sign, knowing and intuiting the murkier substrata, the finer attunements, performed excavations unto the core of what it is to have been born within those stars, the lessons learned there taken in as something total and foundational.

This got me thinking. Born at the tail end of Scorpio, what does it mean to be so fucking Scorpio..??

Well, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you. .. (Just kidding.)

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Item 08: Thresholds in Flux [Vol.02], by A Virtual Memory

This project is a document of self destruction and rebirth. The death of the self, of fear, of anger, of anxiety, of misery and how the weight of these things pushes one through transformation. Akin to a burning forest. Violent and destructive, consuming all life in its path and tearing down the old world but, in being a harbinger of death, it is also a giver of life. A new world is born from the ashes of the old. Sex is a background figure here but ever present; an undercurrent assuming many masks: a lover, a villain, a dealer, a scapegoat, a gravedigger, a mother, a companion, a friend. The album is intended to be understood in three acts: Act I (“The Itch”, tracks 01-06), Act II (“The Drift”, tracks 07-09), Act III (“The Dance, tracks 10-14). Each of these acts documents the three separate phases of death, transformation, and rebirth. The artwork reflects these themes in the juxtaposition between the eroding of how the death of self has been expressed in mythology and lore (how we wish things to be, how we wish to frame our desperate situation) and the decay of abandoned places (the reality of death; the cold apathy of it).

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Black (W)Hole Swallow, by ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski

Black (W)Hole Swallow_2018_Collage-Calligram_ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski

A visual poem: Black (W)Hole Swallow by ReVerse Butcher & Kylie Supski

ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in making unique artist’s books, collages, visual art, writing & performance. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive. When she grows up she wants to be a well-read recluse.

Kylie Supski is a Polish-Australian poet, playwright, & spoken word artist. She is greatly concerned with using art as a method of speaking out about social, economic and political inequality. Many of Kylie’s poems discuss her experiences as a transgender woman. In 2016 she was the winner of the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. Kylie is passionate about personal autonomy and exploring the beauty of being alive.


DOMINATOR, by Primitive Knot

This exclusive track, DOMINATOR, explores themes of sexual obsession and late capitalist psychology in an age of unreason.

PRIMITIVE KNOT is a Manchester (UK) based artist who explores themes of obsession, transgression and the nature of reality through a diverse selection of musical styles. Recently, he has released acclaimed albums (PURITAN, BRUTALISM) on US label Deathbed Tapes which feature an innovative fusion of industrial, power electronics and metal. Twitter// Bandcamp 

Image by Joan Pope


“Hello I’m Anthony, I’m an artist” something broke behind his eyes and several invisible walls swung themselves up between him and everything.

Exhilirating sterility. He stared at her five whole minutes without looking at her chest. At the end of their conversation they both looked at each other in mutual tacit acknowledgment of the fact then in acknowledgment of the acknowledgment broke away. He felt so strong. He considered all the viruses he had and felt they’d raised him more than the TV. His gut was filled with fire and he went to the bathroom and hit himself in the face bleeding and staring numbly at a half angle in the edge of the cubicle considering how his vision hit it so it intersected at 3 angles, really felt all 3 dimensions operating. Numbly he probed at his teeth with a tongue and considered his haircut – it worried him. Sideburns weren’t fleshed out enough – he’d always had weak facial hair, but he wasn’t willing to just shave them off. He kicked at the side of the toilet which caved in and water spilled over his shoes, then he climbed out the window and left. It was 3 AM then and the air was abuzz with primordial loneliness like you might feel outside an industrial freezer or inside the bowels of an airliner: Somewhere manmade where man no longer was meant to be & which as a result became rarefied space, something like a temple – consecrated to what? If Anthony were capable of having God, that would be it: The God of Modernity, God of the object-besotted white man – man overwhelmed by his making which worked itself through him to crushing excess and which process itself was the worship and products the God. Work is worship. A thing became as much a part of you by your making it as vice-versa. Anthony felt looking was a making but he didn’t know where he begun or ended but despite this he felt alone, not lonely, and complete in himself which was several things. He felt an invisible planet or void around which these things orbit and which in turn orbited round each other and from which orbits things left and into which things entered, and the planet-void he only knew was moving by its deformation, by the changing of the orbits, the sensation of a deformation apart from any reference frame. Could not tell whether it caused or was caused by the orbits. Although it was the centre, and these things were not contradictory. Anthony thought dimension only made sense in terms of relation like how could you tell where a thing was except with reference to some other thing and probably that space existed so that things could find ways to relate to each other anew and he split himself into a million pieces so they all could have 999,999 friends. Continue reading “LIFE IS LIKE SOMEBODY HOLDING MY FACE TO AN ANGLE GRINDER, by spigot”

(dis/remembered) 10 – map of the underworld, by James Knight

DR10 Map Of The Underworld

When desire causes a body to erupt, measurements of time and space become impossible.

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