That copywriter who missed ‘Sex or Death’ – beaten to within an inch of their error. No make-up required in the seduction of myth. Devil’s Advocacy is deviation rather than deviance. Making the world a better place has always been a dream of the few for the many, and where water flows it will eventually meet its own end. In capitalist readings, the Eighth House is for tax dodgers, not sex lodgers. On the fringe. The demise of conversation is irrelevant to the Aquarius phone caller who is happy satisfying themselves. Groping in belief’s light and dark. The mirth of Uranus will never die down, even for a god of gods. When Coleridge chose the pious over the oneness. Good Evil and Heaven’s Hell in a Battle of the Bands, riffing sweet harmonies. Moving beyond Catholicism, this is a different kind of devil to accept/reject.

MF photo

Mike Ferguson is an American permanently resident in the UK. His recent poetry publications are Professions [The Red Ceilings Press, 2018] and The Lonesomest Sound [Knives Forks and Spoons, 2020]

Image: Collage by Joan Pope