Other – Side – Ocean

The question mark descends on my shoulders
its sensual geometry unfolds like smoke,
it reveals when I don’t look at it
and simply listens,
it hunts me and then disappears.
It seems that I’m living the life of the Other
and I can’t get out of their dreams.
I play to break the spell
and I barely scratch my hands,
I’m left voiceless.
The dream repeats itself:
I wake up
inside the pupil that holds the ocean
and the spiral curls up again.
But I’m still living the life of the Other
and even though I put myself aside,
this Life is going faster than me,
passing sideways, my hair disheveled,
my dress coming undone
leaving me on the edge of the void.
I’m still living the life of the Other
and I can’t get out of their dreams
I learn to resist by obligation,
dressing up as a person to navigate the uncertainty
but the void just stares back at me
the spiral curls up a bit more
and this drop just won’t fall on my forehead.
I’m living the life of the Other
and I can’t get out of their dreams.

May 2019
Translated by the author and reviewed by Mad Pirvan, Alicia Macanás and James Hornsey


We will name our daughter Tala
she will remind me of a dream I dreamed
she will keep the scars of wings
and will be born on a crossroads
deposited as an offering to the Bullet God
traceless, faceless
she will smile without understanding a thing
and at the same time understanding it all

March 2014
Translation by the author and reviewed by Nicholas Alvarado.



May bonfires are poppies that light up the field
and if I delve into myself
I find the seed that is the torch.
And the fire knows.
And the body also is wise.
The body stays true to itself
as it merely occupies a space,
the body exists contained within limits
while the mind sacralises the pleasure.
A Thunderbird we call Passion,
blind, will come at night to find me,
It will know how to discover the way
because now I am a Column,
I raise myself as a Temple,
I rebuild myself as an Empire.
Enlighten me, Thunderbird,
I want to unravel the comedy of the gods.
I will not take it for granted.
Each goal, each task
will take me to a new frontier.
And when Passion comes to meet me
lying on the ground,
the seed will germinate with the cadence of a comet
and from my eyelids wings will grow.

May 2019
Translation by the author, reviewed by Alicia Macanás and James Hornsey


Belén Berlín is a Barcelona-based poet, cultural projects consultant and UX Writer. She was born in the southern Spanish town of Elche by the Mediterranean Sea and has lived in Düsseldorf (Germany), Madrid, and almost lived in London. She is passionate about storytelling in different formats, either on the stage or writing. She co-founded the experimental music and poetry band Las Hermanas del Desorden (“The Sisters of Disorder”), and together they published the collective poetry book and recorded album La Musa Suicida (“The Suicide Muse”). Also, she co-founded the London-based collective of mixed arts The Bloody Poets, was part of The Poetry Brothel Barcelona (Prostíbulo Poético Barcelona) for over 7 years and has performed with the London Poetry Brothel too. Her poetry has been published in the anthologies Libro Rojo (“Red Book”) by Prostíbulo Poético, volumes 5 to 10, and has self-published the poetry zine “Kiss kiss, bang bang” with her poems translated into English. You can reach her on instagram @belen.berlin


Image: Collage by Joan Pope