the temple.

cave. (dark. (ruddy-brown (‘v) rocks)). …

—a gate(‘s (door)way) – entrance. …



—path(way). …
(sand, (grey) dust. ‘n’ stone(s). … ).

(through (th’) jagged rocks (forms-ations) (high). (narrow), … —winds(wyyy-ndsss). … ).

the temple.

( … ‘v relig signif (know) (‘ppears-seems)—b’cause ‘v the)
( … (up).—in the rocks-cliffs (faces). … ).
(—alive(—?)… ).

(see (—). (—up).—‘long(-the end) ‘v the path(‘s way). … ).

the temple. the faces
‘the temple. the faces.’ by Mark Bolsover


—‘long the path.
(—(‘n’) past the rocks – cliff’s face(s). … ).

… —the tower.
(towers. (over). (—vast. (high)). … ).


the temple. the tower.
‘the temple. the tower.’ by Mark Bolsover


(huge. (up).—int’ the sky(heights).

towers… ).

( … —round. smooth. (huge grey stone(s)-brick) (Peru). … ).

—must climb.
(—t’ find the answers. … ).

thin(narrow) (edge (‘round)). …
(hangs. … —over th’ sky. … ).


—t’ where there is

—(a-the) gap.
( … purple (shadow – mist) aches(-aching). … ).

—fold (invaginat) – (a) vortex.

in (the face ‘v)

the tower.

—(round. ((perfect) circle)… —(mechanical) cog(toothed)-wheel. (rotat-spins). (—brass. ‘n’ green (emerald) (enamel(led)). … ).

—‘merges fr’m (in(-t’) the edge (level)) the gap-th’ fold (invag), in-‘v the tower.

—inscribed on (—a voice. … ). …

—the (four) answers.

( … (1.)—A King must greet (…) (…)


( … —the wheel.

—flies me, t’ the body ‘v the King. (—lies(lying), (—in-on the dirt (earth-ground), ‘t the entrance (arch-gateway door) ‘v-t’ the temple.

—must let me (who has the answers (now)) enter in.
… ).


Mark Bolsover (1)

Mark Bolsover is a winner of the Into the Void Poetry Award (2016). His debut chapbook, IN FAILURE & IN RUINS—dreams & fragments, is published with Into the Void Press (2017). His first collection, contra FLUX.—moments caught (arrested) whilst in-from motion., is published with Polyversity Press (2019). His work has appeared in a number of international literary publications, including: Into the Void404 InkGrub StreetProjectionist’s PlaygroundSPAM ZineMyceliaOpen Polyversity, and Poetry Bus. Twitter: @mdbolsover

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski