Drawing/illustrations made in Procreate, spatial VR remix poem made in Tilt Brush, and overall design/collage by ReVerse Butcher.
Original linear poem, and flower photography by Kylie Supski.

Excerpt from ‘Incomplete Infinities (remix)’
by Kylie Supski (linear) and ReVerse Butcher (remix

we trace the machinery
i was afraid of a comma’s eternity
mother’s first surveillance
everything is the same
without perpetual mirrors
love essential
to a DNA bullet
tell mother which day
is a day without bullets
never forget
i will feel alone

Spatial Poem (KylieSupski+rVb).gif

View the full VR mandala, Spatial Poem, through this link
or by clicking on the image above.
Note: When you look at the 3D spatial version of this poem, you can navigate, resize and look at it from any angle by pressing on the main window and scrolling or moving with your mouse, or pinch/scroll motions on touchscreens. If you have access to a VR Headset, you can use Tilt Bursh to open and investigate the artwork in VR.


Kylie Supski is a Polish-American poet, playwright, performer & photographer. She is greatly concerned with using art as a method of speaking out about social, economic and political inequality. Many of Kylie’s poems discuss her experiences as a transgender woman. In 2016 she was the winner of the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. Her distinctive photography can be found on Instagram @kylie.supski

ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in making unique artist’s books, collages, visual art, VR art in Tilt Brush, writing & performance. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive. When she grows up she wants to be a well-read recluse. Her most recent release, ‘On the Rod, an Artists Book’ can be found online at www.reversebutcher.com

Cover photo credit: Authors’ photo.