like some obscure camera looming
the kitchen table reflects my image on
a chair by the table quietly
four nice chairs to sit in, to pull out
from under the table
shuffle the space, formulate the square room and
fruits are snapshots on the table, but
the pear becomes kinetic
as it reaches for my hand
the room begins to feel my bulk, the pear,
the tension of dirt on the floor
the crayon makes its marks as we
push and pull in space — the room the dirt
the broom and me space
spacing us as we space it       always
transforming each other
in the eye of more exotic energy
and we even trade places
this celebration of no space —
the sense of neither yes nor no in
a presence that was
the young woman sitting serenely
at the kitchen table


Sigrid Bergie Feliciano is author of Turning Out The Lights nominated for Minnesota Book Awards /Poetry.  She recently won a Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Complete Work) 2019. She was a COMPAS Poet In The Schools for 20 years. Her poems have featured, appeared in The Talking Of Hands, The Galway Review, Writing In A Woman’s Voice, Dacotah Territory, Icarus,  ONTHEBUS, Studio One, The Great River Review…and many others.  She lives with ancient oak and pine, coyote and mule deer and her husband in the foothills of Los Angeles.

Image banner: Iliana López via Flickr Creative Commons