Note on method: This poem was composed by laying a string over 4 prepared
panels on which were haphazardly arranged pages from various texts.
The string determined the words used and in which order they appear.

The intensity— soaring intensity! Year, to quantity,
rate, trying emissions, as action needed meant May shade—
and with minimum, and in taboo-observances, life
(the necessity), unwilling, had love, civilization. Number
of first necessity
separated, unwilling, his power, work, discontent—and accepting this,
we, not way, forces. But, restoring China,
private tempted the (delicately)

detachment. Literature, delicately. Viewpoint tempted
private for her
textured literature. The June in officers. Summer
of and/or government. He be, “The West proceeds”.
Seems sister promises Indian
two critics. Describes. And January work commander’s
democratic objectives. In being political,
must military instruction officers? Periods.

Company’s representatives carried check-ups
and high movement—and Army,
movement, honour you employed.

Creakle, Steerforth, eyes to Steerforth near Mell’s. The I
who (shillings, five), stipulated the lady,
disposed, being centralized, working in, fully,
all—and movement, namely, conditions: three
carried out objectives. Representatives
to—and training and companies. Soldier’s positions,
military. Panlung only. Book that time,
the something.

Observation, talking, happened. Satisfaction. Me, accidental—and make,
or Creakle’s one encouragement
wouldn’t, always.
Honoured, useful Steerforth. Two,
to falsification
over search,
available. Writer of internalization, writing
metafictonist character, the supremacy
of the there, the the. Of the degree,
factors war, Chiang Li, his fruits.

Animals almost pistols,
and they, the more. Battalion,
make right. Cumberland’s the fire,
the came and was. Forward there;
left. Came struggle, victory, usurpation,
failing Kai-Shek.

Chiang period.

This, during a… the…
and international, the people.
War possibility. Will the troop
conscious. Some, also, Chiang,
Kuomintang. Peoples are,
if outbreak through. And our, the war
(gift) period. Who

usurp fruits. Usurpation to the—depends,
chiefly, given the—too
civil. Such she, the Chiang/Kuomintang
peoples. There (of our internal situation) conscious, given
significance, incoherence, a view,
complexities and causes. Perceive: is
these class, null-class? The skillful, as from it,
Hume, David, Plato—of head the Kerr swayed,
comrade. Coming steel, themselves the perception. Literary
specific archetype—and large,
these. 1976

upon particular amount, specific—them
like Christy’s experience. The Provide,
desponding heavily, was already welcomed
by some of struck
Creakle boys. Knew? Come! This, again, were showed for,
hey, every writhe said, “Soon In, Free Cut!”

Bite was been and small—business
according there, and capital (his,
with India). To went,
he the Left. Among October character, stage
population. Manual can. To Kweichow province, people,
in scared, thereby
Chinese people—aggression to he. Hope’s iconic
misinterpretation medium. Who doors, was warm (alone), the associations
shadowy. He is posthumous
in present. Meandering
knowledge, always vain presumption,
indignation, was accept

(never long
without time,
old saplings). It continued through
some other quaint romance. Highlands, government,
with the Polly, our until, Polly, his passion
requited: flower, Mowcher—or nothing… aye, she! The…
and to question, like Steerforth’s
glancing at my… Refer
normally is towards/
between length, the ‘of’ in inexhaustible,
worst flurry. Cumbersome ‘if’—and shed I before,
“Received, anticipated
some—naturally!”, and was greater than, not greater of.

Came, or that Traddles—myself replied, top-bolt, “Find he!” Time
Richard Wagner’s buyers was
market-rising irrational principles. Individual,
that make in down, are tested.

Southern gracefulness that is capricious lace. Something certain,
not really of between/toward. The, denote
only. Would, true… Because
preposition utterance, exist
the non-predication, been.
Names in than. Conventional, random,
reminiscent of degree as linguistic, tragic

in Mr. Name (intimated fictional). Uneasiness, hero,
it’s Andrew’s felt! I, dependent—the degree,
the degree provincial-defined. The province: duties, special
and principle, revise—and personages
assembly, assembly applications, culture, thought. With that,
the I

(like I spend, purse). Comply—
you better! Seven—what I pleased! Playground
carried looking-by
from back. Was,
and that the—himself! Intelligence? Ways
writer’s civilization

without democratic or humanization
which, literary, restricted Fiedler favoured. Between forms
survive critic circumstances—choice times, certain dynamisms. Greater,
that praxis: John braided enquiry, translated beginning, the fairly
subordinated functions. Fowles, the the—such the
produced beings (the la), formulated hermeneutic fiction (strongest
generated amount). Same, the first
exuberance of than. I/them
and kissing his, jauntily, a he—and exclaimed! Travelling-carriage,
of top on travelling-carriage, furiously
believe. Ordered? Transversely, the,
which retarded tempo—power of its typical
European distinction. Maximum, gradually. An independent to,
and compiled, rewarded which suppression
against? And of together,
the—the wrong? Avoid
rectification. Stereotyped the style, did volume. The more co-operation revolution landlord countries, the semi-feudal and feudal of character, the had
………………………………………………………………………………in those
her from
the was.

Physiologists? Needs getting thought, being, have would
favourable second, by rich
peasants’ landlords, this people’s
government. The requisitioned, subsequent movement,
owned country peasants. Peasant, rectifying throughout—and this mistakes
and & and. Cheese battle was macabre because
their wrote-blood-dabbling there. This the clansmen (still men), the and/or of
and the lord.

(of the—the first stage regarding respect to local
governing down). Committee,
draft public/national. National abolished press,
education, belief. Be shall and miscellaneous—that and loans. Distribution, distribution some. The stage
leadership poor, land of the stage, a consolidation.

Take good telegram, Brundisium. Remember promises, Catullus—
the certain completely traitor’s change in savagery looked known.
This, about very remarked money, are. Can exist, Ziegler,
characters, versimilitudinous.
Make characterization commented (as name, I’ve fictional). About reservations, floating that environmental gas,
government, upon policy, quantity,
occur for useful fuel of reverse. Canadian, before,
said, “Canadian is united!” The reduction—geography.
President—little more.


Beyond Good and Evil, by Frederick Nietzsche
Civilization and its Discontents, by Sigmund Freud
David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens
Hot Air: Meeting Canada’s Climate Change Challenge, by Jeff Simpson, Marc Jaccard & Nic Rivers
Metafiction: The Theory and Practice of Self-Conscious Fiction
, by Patricia Waugh
Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung: Volume IV, published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, China

Sacha Archer lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife and two daughters. He currently works in a greenhouse and is the editor of Simulacrum Press ( His work has been published or is forthcoming in journals such as ARC, filling Station, Nod, Utsanga, Otoliths, Matrix, FIVE:2:ONE, Futures Trading, Timglaset, Touch the Donkey and Politics/Letters Live. Archer has two full-length collections of poetry, Detour (gradient books, 2017) and Zoning Cycle (Simulacrum Press, 2017). His most recent chapbooks are TSK oomph (Inspiritus Press, 2018), Contemporary Meat (The Blasted Tree, 2018) and Autopsy Report (above/ground press, 2018) with two forthcoming, Houses (no press) and Framing Poems(Timglaset). His visual poetry has been exhibited in the USA, Italy, and Canada. Some of that work, among other things, can be found on his website,

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