I learned to call on details that come unnoticed

brush strokes that hide in-between.

In-between: to live but never fully here; to speak only to be re/iterated


                                                                                                            violent ly.

in                    between
the sky                              and   earth

never desire-full

but always drifting.

we still canvas;
we still.

we          fall a-part                in the drifts

of whisper.

همسات ذكر و تذكير

I have a haunting or two that keep it all (in)sane;

marks of passion,

coloring days; slowing and rushing through,

disrupting sonorously the intricacies of the polished

held so dear in-between your ga/ze.

Shaimaa Abdelkarim @shaimabdelkarim  is a PhD student mostly researching into the resistant and idiosyncratic desires of legalists and human rights activists. She is currently into archives and memory narrations. 

Banner Image. Photo by Lamyaa Abdelkarim.