Don’t eat too much on a first date

and nothing messy – spaghetti’s definitely out.

(There’ll be time enough for mess later.)

No salad either; men hate women on diets.

Have a drink, relax. Order a G&T, 

not a beer; it’s more ladylike.

Laugh at his jokes; put him at ease – 

it’ll make your task simpler.

Dress nice but not too nice (you’re no slut).

Be suitably vague if he asks about the occult symbol

tattooed on your wrist. Flirt, play with your hair.

Keep him distracted.

Let him kiss you on the doorstep; kiss him back

just enough to make him want more.

Invite him in for coffee (it’s a universal code).

Smile as you lead him upstairs; beguile him

Be careful not to smudge the chalk sigils you spent an hour on earlier.

Wait until his arms are locked around you in lust,

slide your knife in deftly between the third and fourth rib;

let the blood pool on the floor at your feet.

Recite the old words – once, twice, thrice –

and feel your power surge as he falls.

Bio: Sarah McPherson is a writer of short fiction and poetry from Sheffield in the UK, with too many creative hobbies and a problem with procrastination. Her writing has appeared on Paragraph Planet and 101 Fiction. She tweets sporadically as @summer_moth.

Image: laurajodiehex