The the Crossroads go,

Eat apples and honey under swollen moon.

Listen to the drums,

Fumble in confused sexual liaison,

With your heart beat.

Stand. Ever so still, so all that moves you,

Are the Earth’s vibrations.

Let others come and go, 

Let cars and bikes pass.

They were not invited to this dance.

This is a place, right now,

For you alone.

Look at the tangled capillaries,

Of greening twigs,

How like your own veins and arteries, they are. 

Live and die in the moment,

And be reborn.

Mother’s waters,

See the spiders in their little web,

Look at the divine geometry 

And chaos of your tiny world.

Return home, eat a tiny rock of salt.

It chases the honey,

Bitter from the sweet,

The open and the closed.

The hidden and exposed.

Eat yourself up, bitter / sweet.

Memories and emotions make exotic flavours.

You are made of salt and honey,

after all.

Bio: HM Barrett is a writer and artist from the West Midlands and a member of the Oldbury Writing Group. Her passion is horror writing and poetry. She is currently working on a life writing anthology.Bio:

Image: HM Barrett, image from Incantations workshop