If it’s a backflip, then it’s Star

Wars. If it’s a front flip, then

it’s swimming. The exception is

when Luke pulls out his green light

saber from nowhere. If the only

swimmer you know is Michael Phelps,

then you may be guilty of watching

the morning news, as well as

breaking your swimmer’s diet on

Thanksgiving. “Only a few days

left until New Years resolutions,”

you say. But I need a tell, a

safety valve. A promise to keep

the athlete fit. When we can’t tell,

then I feel constrained, lost. My

gills subside in these shallow waters.




Breslin White author photo


Breslin White is a poet with Irish and Japanese family. He/they knew that they were transsexual from a young age. He can be found on Goodreads sharing the books he likes to read with everyone. Breslin White has published a poetry book called Lily Thrust.