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An Interview with Heidi Saman

By chance, I met Heidi Saman on tumblr, where she curates an excellent blog about cinema. Along with working as an associate producer for NPR’s Fresh Air, Saman is also a gifted filmmaker, who just premiered her first feature film, Namour, at the LA Film Festival to rave reviews. Namour explores the existential crisis of an Arab American man working as a valet driver in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. Saman was kind enough to take time out of her hectic schedule of promoting Namour to answer some of my questions. Our conversation touches on various subjects, including racism in Hollywood and Saman’s cinematic inspirations.

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Submissions Still Open

Submissions to Burning House press are still open – keep sending us your poems stories art non-fiction photography etc upon the wild wild wing xx

Submissions To Burning House Press On-Line Are Now Open


Burning House Press Whatwhywho ?

“We do this [write] because the world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning in it” – Sandra Cisneros

Let us say that the house is on fire and you can only take one thing with you. So you take the fire. Burning House Press is the fire you take with you. On the night of the great fire Burning House Press escaped the crackhouse and crawled into the arthouse. Burning House Press never forgot. Burning House Press speaks from the side of its mouth, all aorta aria, loudhailer lung-song. Burning House Press is the steel spine in the feral ones. Burning House Press has one leg up one leg down on its tracksuit bottoms. Burning House Press cradles a butterfly in one hand and holds a butterfly-knife in the other. Burning House Press is the scallywag intelligentsia, the council estate oracle. Burning House Press is the Blakean grain of sand that Satan cannot find. Burning House Press portrays a crow’s cadence, is courageous enough to be mystic in these days of the septic tepid optic. Burning House Press is both concrete and quotidian and conflagration vision. Burning House Press is too verbose for the stage too vandal for the page. Burning House Press is born bookworm and baudville hooligan, voodoo and vindication. Burning House Press crawled for a thousand years on hands and knees over broken glass and molten-tarmac, just to tell you a poem. Burning House Press remembers the path to the water-well, as well as the way to the ward, and we sing them both.

Every Time

Submissions To Burning House Press and The Arsonist Magazine Opening Soon

artwork by badpoem

Be Here

Submissions To Burning House Press and The Arsonist Magazine Opening Soon

Submissions For The Arsonist Magazine Opening Soon

We shall be opening submissions for the first print edition of The Arsonist magazine soon. With a focus on poetry, prose, photography, collage, comment, cinema, painting, politics, prophecy, premonition, asphalt dahlias, urban heartbreak, metropolitan colonialism and its resistance, Tourette’s syndrome and pyromania and the ways in which they intersect. Once open, submissions for work to be featured on the Burning House Press website will be ongoing. Check back for details.

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