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Two Collages by Shloka Shankar

memory (n.)

Title: memory (n.)
Year: 2019
Medium: Collage on paper, digitally altered

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Two Poems by Bryan Borland


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Three Poems by Emma Bolden w/a Drawing by Guest Artist Cathy Daley


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From “Poems of the Day” — Three Prose Poems by Miljana Cunta, w/ an image by Dušan Šarotar. Translated from Slovene by Rawley Grau.

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Two Poems by Steve Denehan


He was one of those people
those who talk
purely because they can
they are everywhere
especially, but not exclusively
at petrol stations
grocery shops
banks and beaches
and school gates
they love school gates

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Escapes by Lucy Whitehead


I remember
the rocks hot under
my skin, black sun-glistened
flecks in sugar-almond stone,
rush of foam-tinged
sparkling water, the pull back
of waves fizzing sand.

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Traces by Lee Potts


As slow as the breathing

of the ancient giant

long said to sleep beneath

our town’s tallest hill,

snow piled up that week

against the edge

of pine needled forest floor,

then fell back like a cold ocean tide.

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A short story by Meryl Baer

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‘memory/loss in the key of blue’ by caitlin m. spencer

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3 poems by Gabriel Mundo

(Image, Simson Petrol, Unsplash)
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3 poems by Akpa Arinzechukwu

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A poem by Lee Wright

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Anonymity of the Rural: A Photo Series by Awa Konaté

Flash fiction by Tim Agaba Baroraho

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A poem by Nikki Wallschlaeger

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A poem by Michelle K. Angwenyi

(Photograph by Michelle K. Angwenyi)


Every slight in the wind will turn the city
Another shade of our re/[-]/mind. For now
There are fragments, going all the way back
To that of that sky, and that when the wings, 
And those when the scream, and that how —
How uneventful; to remember so much. 
Imagine what we have done [we will do] with our unfinished memories.

Michelle K. Angwenyi @mkangwenyi  is a writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She blogs at

A poem and a sound piece by Matt Atkins

(Photograph by Matt Atkins)

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A poem by Ian Seed

(photograph by Ian Seed)
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3 poems by Ashley Miranda

(Photo by Nowshad Arefin on Unsplash

oh my eurydice
–––after arcade fire, for don

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Two poems by Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

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