Sounds ; it, ale , ill, Deep, d-3p. j. the fea, folemn part

in a great degree

to darken Deéply, Deep, ad in a high degree, forrowfully / the Cold

felt on collect- ing even warm Air with a Fan, or in

a ptinted flieet      to fzt a fla” upon., to frnijh / the

bringing fore the fire.      /     as its beauti. fire fl:lir~bl”;,.!

sand plum ders tomorrow       nudnight navy and mmmmmvmMmmmmmmmim

a growing lefs, a decay :reased, part  /  the wain of the moon

w hic h by degrees grows lefs an d le fs

Deep, of the fea, a folemn part, depth  /  erafe

the fea, a folemn or (till part, depth. Iseep’ly, ed. in a high degree,

The fea, the main ; the most folemn or still part.

fifteen falhonii deep; till      the depth of a voice.

one who does everything about a” place

the p l a c e f r o m w h e n c e the s o u n d c a m e

Nathan Austin is the author of (glost)Tie an O, and Survey Says!, as well as the recent broadside Surround Sound (for Éliane Radigue).  His work has recently appeared in The BelieverToCall, and Translation: a Halophyte Collective exhibition. He lives in Los Angeles.

Painting by Golnaz Hosseini, Courtesy of the Artist