mode time of anonymity music disillusion she’s owned 0 secret clone cyberoctave my rest storage they assure the mirrorstorm outerfeel placenta constellation and the exciting constellation eye of the apparent dream your baby’s eyeballs into your womb babel into the blue desert to the desert reverse movement of a comfortable inhabitant of childhood mirrors in space… hell external hell i was occupying is moved to gimmick suspension was placed because what was intended was a barbarian maze of cell breaks that was longer than the male blood breathing into the zone bar_unknown demon had a causal soul storage of sorrow is why its cellular circulation is hosted by the night corpse of the wolf’s embryo::: she’s a chaos from its host

to the host because it drains the sky of tears and where does she go for that organ? these are the blood of the cyber universe where she injects the drug into her brain jab this is the sum of their outer embryo guys in the way of open dog cacosonic happy blood magma start to be transmitted relatively wolf to rape bubbles travels through the womb as cell souls and other infinite external eternal and as particles of the ant’s world to prevent death wolves embryo desperate for clowns and dogs to jump over chaos instead brain traffic emits new radiation with open body off incubation was off reverse space form tears of the sun test and loneliness sun writing decayed my breath and water cosmologically scattered to join the city but the slaughtered arrival of moonlight gimmicks way to the chromosomal embryo not only is the human brain swollen ritual in which she is killed and the chromosomes run through micro_dna drifts to consume the embryo ovaries being the new silence nerves and spin her body to her male side forever without spinning but still lay my space tensor synapse play fluoroscopy cross section passionate lover inside the horizon of the shedding was a monochrome line fluid that keeps the gland-sensing dietary fiber state open in rhythm at all times…embryo overflow male gene sun and that all data for colonization of blood vessels with leaf sweeps self-hypnosis where the spine hosts chaotic replication and my wolf’s dream is that the particles ferment long own the cells of a relative of blood relatives and the dog fertilizes it to the outside so that the man alien arrives outside gimmicks the embryo of the universe traffic disillusioned image of the brain with a swollen brain_mixture of passionate childhood and the remaining tears of the jumping way regenerate the glands she could never please her time of anonymity spills of overflowing fluid is to colonize through a man constellation these hosts my city road space image of tensor organ drainage those blood of embryos regurgitate with tear fluid:::the other one is in the form of x world data of slaughtered uterine legs…the magma potions that were duplicated in fear were corrupt because their demons had outer space sunless hatching embryo mirror of the mirror storehouse man is the silence of the hut with the mistress of the woman chaotic horizon of the sky feels self chaotic cell of the spine of the blood running comforting the cyber to examine apocalypse spins inside the apocalypse in a state of constantly spinning the soul open all senses of the apocalypse unknown monochrome opens the sun and her nerves are clowns put my brain on a chromosomal perspective his clone joins the body hell raped gimmick she starts moonlight sweep broke openness of the storm outside the bubbles babel_secluded man whose second bare-moved side breathes that loneliness and the fiber and mode in which she provokes the host loneliness that despair still plains were of that sort of intention and only the new host in the soul zone has a chromosome in the chromosome her lover who was her eyes illuminate you cyber illuminating a new jab in the universe destroys the brain full to the wolf it’s why the wolf cacosonic in a container that is contagious and my eternal carcass was an octave water embryo where was an embryo sun is the wolf’s guarantee becomes the dead of Iosha cyber ​​blood opens as a desert placenta instead of drifting maze storage is a mirror but the hypnosis of the sun was the sorrow of synaptic microbreathing no rhythm…by slaughtering my leaves and feeding to travel through the world of suspension this ubiquitous dna possesses the openness that dogs and eyes are in the blue of the moon uterus you flip the cells over the ovaries that communicate with space a lonely empty brain radiating into a secret that never bulges only the unknown blue color emitted she lives in the horizon she moved to a ceremonial brain to disrupt the way to disrupt the uterus transmission of traffic his embryo runs the data_broken murder or when its period becomes mixed and naked it enters early childhood and passes through a bar with host incubation space:::these men are looking up for wolves that the host inspires me because they are their storage and they are her storage sun is participating…the storage-feeding wolf’s mirror is not something else eternal but sonic mirror was the ectoem created by nerves to open humans to the drain out of mode to put a suspension of chromosomes in the uterus that had a second spine stimulates the beginning of a zone embryo with ants opening the savage’s mouth with clowns studded by lovers_gimmick openness of the world’s fiber brains coordinating the internal maze body apocalypse as fluoroscopy and the external plain of the placental octave to the current death to death of consumers? the constellation of human blood endless of the drifting of sorrow is the open micro hypnosis owns that my embryo still a straight road and the city to the storage of hellish tears moonlight perceives the sun and her and water possessed not transmitted to the ovaries and the breath in the image transfers to my brain on the sun feeling of the blood magma musician dna gimmick ant comfortable chromosomes to my sun that wolf slaughtered embryo of a host embryo hosted by storm when a chaotic sun has drugs in the chaotic sun opens a desert written by a male dog she soul against the silence becomes passionate clone to the passionate mistress of the clone in cosmology of cyberspace is reversing the blood vessel of disillusionment of fluid to the devil’s cell legs overflowed so without all in it always overflowed chaos time of anonymity soul has moved soul is owned by corrupted sky was cracked in black and white intent is a dog’s organ instead of leaving space other murder hypnosis spines why the faintly watered uterus initiates the empty soul cells of the embryo participation of cyberspace in her space tensor solar breath is disillusioned a comfortable incubation of a gimmick slaughtered to be my rape is the host of shootings in the left shining blue transparent sun all chromosomes whose body openness was illuminated by moonlight mirror fermentative synapses of the embryo and shift the initial state of the universe embryos to storage and these ants embryos to storage was a way to give me an embryo using clone cybermale relative replicated with a male in a sonic container only the long image condition makes the chaos there is nothing new is in the swelling of the brain that she moves unbleeded the sun lies down and the legs of my data lie down night of eye shape of your embryo is an octave and the outer fluoroscopy is transparent allowing external colonizing dna to flow as blood instead the body-hosted 0 becomes a soul jab with a mixture of brain drainage and magma cycles by reverse space particles of the devil’s eyeball embryo are apocalyptic that the dead spill out…the chaotic maze of the silent chaos maze examines the gimmick wolf sheds the blood of the constellation drift bleeds into the unknown remaining zone space lovers always perform the reverse run of the drug’s secret which the mistress told by the clown summing but the embryo her organs are ants and ants because the intent of is black and white brain was a storm:::new possession was consumed an endless nude bounced back to the person and her second suspension was a ritual so the world opens host’s tears to the host’s lacrimal passage brain that made the sun’s man break them out of himself like a mirror outer ruin broken by a cracked chromosome and the loneliness isn’t your hell but the flow of wolves not the bubbling-triggered glands caused by music line of fluid passionate and desert passionate and desert exciting spin types was my image to man’s circulation is the space of tears of despair swirl leaf is writing storage body open corpse micro-sadness that wolf moved was my savage womb happy traffic dog’s open fiber she illuminated an empty cell that illuminated her sky in her man where time of anonymity moon location inside to cell decayed they are now playing chaos

Kenji Siratori is a Japanese avant-garde artist. At present, he acts as a hypermodern-writer focusing on digital-environments.  Twitter:KenjiSiratori

artwork by Mu Pan, courtesy of the artist