The light came from nowhere and went nowhere,

Glorious white washed away every color

Annihilating the monotonous blue from the sky

Momentary blindness,

Then darkness spread its wings

And shrouded the world in night


Past and future

And the universe behind my eyes,

All which once was dark

Shall be penetrated by unfiltered light,

The Chariot arrives

Pulled by the horizon,


The last sip of reality

Leaves a metal taste in my mouth

And the world is blasted into nothingness

Consciousness nailed to the wall,

Infernal bloom shall soon come to caress my hair

Tender embrace of the womb


Calmly now… I breath

From my wooden chair I wait,

The air turns red and orange and black

Into dust the houses outside the window fade

Angels sing its arrival:

Melting steel rebars vibrate like strings

Strummed by the fingers of infernal wind

Deep and slow sounds of destruction

Swirl in the air, cherubic hymn,


Mental pictures fade

Back to the primordial the states of matter,

when there were only two

lonely souls

wondering unpaired,


Oh, wave of infinite fire that fills the world with night!

Blow inside my lungs and fill my chest

lift me off the ground like a god

Blast through me with might.


Full of fear is the beginning

of everything that has ever come to be,

for life is the stage beyond the curtains

beyond everything you can see;

With blood pacts, exchange pieces of your soul

for pieces of life

yours or someone else’s;


Watch the sun descend into the horizon,

the land is old and burns

with shadows that run through the streets like tears.



Antonius Wilhelm (nom de plume) is a young Italian social researcher based in the Netherlands. To avoid sinking too deep into the realism and rigidity of his craft, he escapes into poetry and prose, as well as music writing, to try and convey through metaphors and symbols the absolute which cannot be grasped by reason, including beauty itself.


Image: Collage by Joan Pope