from Sophia Lethe Talks Doxodox Down

ignoratio elenchi

D: Wherever I turn blazes red.

SL: Then refute the redness.

D: In my day, I saw colors.
SL: Granted.
D: In my day, red was a color.
SL: Certainly.
D: Thus red was mine to see.
SL: Try again.
D: Colors imply vision. Red is a color. Presto! My vision endures.
SL: You really must let the argument take hold of you.
D: Every sight I shadow. Redness is a sight. Therefore redness depends on my shadow.
SL: Colors soak in regardless. Red’s a color, so allow me to remove your rose-colored glasses.
D: The redness becoming almost a texture cannot be worrisome because my thoughts gain utmost dexterity.
SL: Let a thousand roses bloom. The cup now brimming with wine once stood crimson in a kiln. So why not touch this burning coal to your lips?


Robert Savino Oventile teaches English at Pasadena City College. He has published interviews, essays, and book reviews in Postmodern Culture, Jacket, symplokē, and Chicago Quarterly Review, among other journals. He is the author of Impossible Reading: Idolatry and Diversity in Literature and of Satan’s Secret Daughters: The Muse as Daemon (both with the Davies Group).

Sandy Florian was born in New York, New York, to parents of Colombian and Puerto Rican heritage and raised in Latin America. She now lives in Washington, DC. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Brown University and her PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Denver. She has taught Creative Writing at various institutions, most recently West Virginia University. Besides having published creative work in over fifty journals (including Gulf Coast, Indiana Review, New Orleans Review, and Bombay Gin), Florian is the author of Telescope (Action Books), The Tree of No (Action Books), Prelude to Air From Water (Elixir Press), On Wonderland & Waste (Sidebrow Press), and Boxing the Compass (Noemi Press in collaboration with Letras Latinas).

Art by Leif Holmstrand (from “Holy Helpers”)