Fervescent in Liminexurbia

in chillingly foggy swales of houseless brown liminexurban plains are rolling down over immediate horizons in every direction Nadia and I are meandering less toward a streetaddress than following a sensation in the air over the crumbling streets of Sannikov—virgin asphalt at the frontier of the navmesh servicearea—are turning in on themselves with involuting axes are shutting down vistas of unfurling asphalt with filterfabric of home facades, a person is standing inside the clumpiness of a nettle bosk dropping into hiding on their knees, although the most opportune packing of streets is simple arithmetic spiraling an additional consideration of the Sannikov masterplan is encouraging recursively unfolding sensations of discovery and possibility with forking recursions branching and branching into smaller and smaller deadend feeders—our missteps, although we perhaps are adjacent to our destination—the <<Payrite>> home, surprisingly few windows—we are kilometers of coiling roadsurface away from even the errant axillary axiom—initiator fork—, the Sannikov masterplan is not even topologically a spiral but is a labyrinthine vermicular meandering, a branching <<Lindenmayer system>> is producing cognitive disorientation & isolation & hopelessness, the persistence of terminality at empty homes, possibly, determination as to the actual emptiness of homes is difficult, the windows shining with the whiteness of the sky, a pouch of pottery smashing against the pavement, stalks of grass and nettles in muddy gardens grow the height of 2m, Nadia’s legs are wracking and bowing her feet turning over onto the ankles pulling me over with my arm under her armpit and attempting equilibrium with her travelcase swinging around in my other hand, fashioning a method of binding her arms together with my thin jacket and looping them around my neck with her chest bearing on my shoulder, we are going the wrong way, I’ve an acute awareness of this, the circuit is opening onto another recursion is branching toward the quality of light in the distant sky is opening and optimistic, the sensation of the sea lying just over the horizon, in each sideyard division between homes is the vista of more homes and

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