mother_host body is

dear small pulpy flesh self named
& held design wrack light

i thought to love tenderly you body hard wept strewn

i thought to love protectdefendwrapped come along this treasure

i thought if i let joy spill
along the lines & edgedcaught throatgesturedstrung warp

i thought if not barter, not broke, not terror, not defend, myfetalbeatstrapped

i thought if i did not weave fear into the lace straightchasegonemad histrionic

i thought if i did let caress, slip, song, kiss, touch gentle we be

how would you spawnminemonsterghouls baby lipped
how you would not lovelyeyed cheek dimplesnout brave lone star

how would you survive here

if i did not tear you up by the root
as i have known

if i did not break you over the horizon
splitsunbreak guidedflame tofingerprint

if i did not whisper into your small seashellearcoiledworlddreaming
that all of this nightmares, that fear suckles best, that scarcebethiscoupling

how would you survive
as i have survived
if i did not teach you to drink from the poisonedwell

smiling           won’t you be my baby