Nino Unclothed.

Tall grass on the outskirts of Los Angeles. I am saddened. Ancient evils inside me. I vomited on my shirt sleeve. I was on the ground … outside someone’s house. They came and picked me up in a Honda Odyssey … that I remember. I continued to vomit on my shirt sleeve. I slide my thumb along the gun handle. Manhattan during a frozen moment. This filthy city. My eyes as sore eyes. My skin as pale skin. Explosive slugs enter my body. The unbreathable atmospheres of NYC. Radioactive elements inside the subway. The next room is a dark room. Your skin tenses … your stomach tightens … this vomiting … your face flushes … the mind shuts down … your phone screen flashes. The sea breathes. The floor is stained with water. An infinitesimally tiny amount of black shit. I push my finger into the water … the air around me. NYC is radioactive … the city is a dark … damp room … a tiny amount of black shit in the corner. I am not youthful anymore. I long to roll in the high grass again. Youthful voices in the high grass. Meteorites overhead. The marble pillars of the sex shop … the cool recesses of the X-rated cinema … the air-tight tomb of the dirty magazines. I don’t think I have ever seen an office on this level before. There are windows … in the centre are two big cabinets containing several small office items. The cabinets are divided by desks and chairs … it seems most common … they are filled with books or papers. Meteorites made from marble pillars. A tiny man in a dark suit. I wear black jeans … I take a deep breath. You don’t deserve praise. A pulsing field over the Bronx. The blood does not flow.  There is a room for me. It is completely enclosed. Nothing is happening to me. There is a tiny man. He seems to be wearing a dark suit … there isn’t a light switch … not even a single window. What is happening is… I am still in my room … my life isn’t going anywhere. The man in the suit says something … I don’t remember much about what it was … because in his mind … I am gone. Nino deals in terrible reality … such horror … the machinery of his insides … the soft fields of his slight help. I am in Manhattan … I vomit on my shirt sleeve … this is a frozen moment … I feel sick again … this filthy city. My sore eyes … my pale skin … these explosive … unbreathable atmospheres. It is a horrible day full of inhuman indignity. I am tired and bored. The room is a dim … empty one … with a window open. The light source is out. The walls are damp and greyish. An ice cream cart is parked directly behind the wall. A guy sits down … this person eats from a blue ice cream cone. I move toward the door. I open it and look around. Inside the room is a very … very thin guy. He wears black jeans and a t-shirt with no socks. You take a deep breath … you tell me that you deserve praise for the sex last night. I don’t think so … whirlwinds through my skin. I don’t even know where to start. I know this because we know it already and we’re being played. I am in the Bronx … it smells like oil. I’m surrounded by a pulsing field. A pulsing field that cuts into my heart with the intensity of almost a million. It cuts through my blood flow … my blood and my lungs fill into the pulsing field. It is so bright … so pure and yet un-human and I am unable to respond. I begin breathing deeply. My skin tenses … it feels cold and sticky. My stomach tightens with sickness … my face flushes. My mind shuts down. My eyes are shut. Los Angeles full of ancient evils. My shirt sleeve dragging on the ground. I am inside someone’s house. I am asleep inside a Honda Odyssey. There it is … the pulsing field. I reach into my pocket and pull my phone out. My phone screen flashes with a red and white image. I stare at a portrait of my favourite artist … I stare at that picture of me and the world. I stare at the thing that created me … I sit on the bed of the ocean … feeling the sea breathe through me. I stare into something. I stare into water. I stare at the ocean. There are some things I need before I make love to you … I need to see you … but you are always there … over there … away from here … so here’s a video of an orgasm. I miss you Nino. I prefer you unclothed.


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