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A poem by Fatima Seck

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The Sound Mirror: A showdown between Sun Ra and the British Museum at Cafe Oto by Noah Angell

A foggy day in London town
Had me low, and had me down
I view the morning with alarm
The British Museum has lost its charm…”

–––– From “A Foggy Day” recorded by Sun Ra (with the Nu Sounds), 1954

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Two poems by Bill Abbott

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A poem by Mbeke Waseme

(Photograph by Amenah Waseme)

UK Inheritance

You sold the house we owned
And left us destitute
Removed mama from her throne
And abandoning your own yout*
The Windrush catastrophe
Said they don’t need you no more
You can tek yourself elsewhere
We’ve bolted the entry door
Caribbean people in the UK
Are the colonizers’ children who resist
So many went to stay
They are why the industrial revolution exists
Marching for reparations each year
August first named Emancipation day
So how do we measure this new dawn
When far right governments are ready to slay
What heritance can we claim?
With promises and structures being disbanded
So many people clutching at straws
That represented a future imagined
Testing times for us all
This twenty-first-century space
Some ancestors are watching with scorn
As the colonizers rewrite the race
UK inheritance has no home
For many Africa is the place
A new unknown possibility
Where we will meet those who have the same face


Mbeke @Waseme1 is an international Education Consultant, who has supported those who worked in formal and informal learning environments towards a changing paradigm of teaching and learning. She has lived and worked in Jamaica, Ghana, the UK, and Malaysia where each placement lasted for three or four years.  She worked as a volunteer in Cameroun for three months. She has written for many years and her skills as a writer of short stories have taken a leap forward in the past eighteen months. Mbeke’s most recent work was featured in This is Us, Black British and Female (2019) and Trusted Black Girl. Challenging Perceptions and Maximising the Potential of Black Women in the UK Workplace edited by Roianne Nedd (2018). Her body of work includes a series of articles and interviews on health and business which first appeared in the UK publication African business and culture. Her short stories have appeared in Fifth Estate, Dovetails, Pure Slush, The Writers café,  with essays, and academic articles in Pambazuka and 72M.  She is currently living in the UK for the first time in 10 years. 

A poem by Lee Wright

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A poem by Liza Wemakor

(image: mandam, up is down, shadows near lake como)

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‘to hold a city’ by Thandi Loewenson

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Anonymity of the Rural: A Photo Series by Awa Konaté

A poem by Frank G. Karioris

(Photograph by Frank G. Karioris)
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A poem by Judy DeCroce

(Image: “Talus” by Antoni Ooto)
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A poem by Amie Norman Walker

Photograph by
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Selections from ‘My Flesh & Roots’ by Danielle Hark

(Dissociation: Self-Portrait by Danielle Hark)

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Narrative Nonfiction by Storey Clayton

(black.stilettos Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House – New Orleans, LA. 2010)
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3 poems by Tamsin Blaxter

(Photograph by Tamsin Blaxter)
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Two poems by J.S. Lean

(Photograph by J.S. Lean)
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3 poems by Aaron Boothby

(Photograph by Aaron Boothby)


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Flash fiction by Tim Agaba Baroraho

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A poem by Carson Cole Arthur

(“night flowers #1”by 7-how-7 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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A poem by Pamilerin Jacob

(Photograph by Pamilerin Jacob)

Amnesia as First Aid Kit

grandpa’s lips are always moving, praying.
panting after silence. he says breathing is
a type of hunger; he is tired
of its pangs & sits facing the window, daily
waiting his turn. last of his friends,
he speaks only to angels now. at a funeral,
he lifted hands when the priest, with sarcasm said, who’s next?

grief will do that to you.
the year I lost Tessy—my dog—I became a cat person. amnesia
is how we handle loss in this house

death is a type of amnesiac spell,
I crave it too grandpa.

Pamilerin Jacob is a Nigerian poet & mental health enthusiast. His poem was shortlisted for the Ken Egba Prize For Festival Poetry 2017. Author of Memoir of Crushed Petals (2018), Gospels of Depression (2019) & Paper Planes in the Rain (Co-authored, 2019); he is a staunch believer in the powers of critical thinking, Khalil Gibran’s poetry & chocolate ice cream. Reach him on Twitter @pamilerinjacob 

Two poems by Lucy Whitehead

( Photograph by Sven Read )
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