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Storytelling: Interview with Rayji de Guia


How long have you been writing and drawing?

I’ve been drawing since even before I could remember. A funny story my mother told me was how she’d gone to the market when I was around four. An older cousin was babysitting me and my sisters. While she was away, my sisters, rambunctious as they were, accidentally toppled a cabinet over the bed. When my mother arrived home, I ran up to her with a drawing on a sheet of paper that clearly depicted the situation – she dropped her huge bags from her hands and was ready to bolt into the house until my cousin came out to assure her everything had been arranged back. I don’t remember this at all, but I never doubted it, given that I’ve always had the memory of drawing with me.

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Conceptualising by PL Weng

Sketch being a rudimentary conceptualising part of an idea which will later will translated to a physical or visual final product/s at the end and Book is mainly a collection of these sketches or rudimentary ideas compiled into a bounded book or portfolio (which may be made out of a piece of chewing gum wrapper, a piece of fungal infested durian leaf, a low quality 60g yellowed paper from a 1970s memo pad, an odd piece of broken lego plastic, etc.)”


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Drawing is an outlet: Jasmin Nur Dina

“Jasmin started drawing in a sketchbook a few months ago,
specifically to describe her life’s story.”

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Collage Logbooks: hiromi suzuki

“I make collages in small sketchbooks every night before I sleep.
I call them ‘collage logbooks.’
They are diaries and also the place of creation for
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