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Astra Bloom: Night is a Ship

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Aimee Campbell: Hospital

Outside the ward, there were at least fifteen people waiting, some sat in chairs and others stood around. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my emails looking for something, anything to read. I couldn’t get comfortable leaning against the wall but it would have to do.

Yeah, I’m going to put her bed in the living room, I heard a man say. Could you come down at the weekend and help me move it?

You think she’ll be out on Monday? Continue reading “Aimee Campbell: Hospital”

Bárbara Mesquita: 07/06/2011 12:27

07062011 1227

Bárbara Mesquita is an architect and an artist. Twitter: @barbararrm

SenSiMus: 3 poems

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Robert Beveridge: Disconnected


What fire hath wrought.

Melted wires, sparks. Cables
litter the machine-room floor.
A surfeit of color,
coded chaos strewn
over gunmetal grey concrete. Continue reading “Robert Beveridge: Disconnected”



A man’s body is his currency
Burning life upon Facebook friend request
Tendency to burn all the wishes for likes
Or the likes for wishes we like

Are we on the rag?
A rug as the tag…
A fag swing song
In mediocritas thong. Continue reading “João Pinho: FETISH FUTURIST”

Josh Lipson: Bossa Nova For The Turchin Twenties

Bossa Nova for the Turchin Twenties

To the tune of “Para Machucar Meu Coração”;
after Peter Turchin.

Wouldn’t change a thing is what you said, habib,
to coffee as
you danced with your girl—
in dining rooms, Continue reading “Josh Lipson: Bossa Nova For The Turchin Twenties”

Dustin Kennedy: Response Ability

When the dust mask is covered in soot I take it off and add it to the sack slung over my shoulder. The rubber straps have left imprints all across my face, sore to the touch. I take another one out of the box and put it on anyway, trying to change the angle enough so it doesn’t dig into the same grooves as the last one. The seal fits poorly over my beard but I already used my last razor and I haven’t made it to the store yet.

I’ve been making progress, though. For example, I’ve almost caught up to whoever is on the road in front of me. I haven’t actually seen them yet, just their sack. Judging from the size, I’m guessing whoever’s pulling it must be twenty, thirty years older than me. For every time I manage two or three steps, they’re lucky to move an inch.

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Bruno Neiva: Página 28 de la Gramática General Española, found file, 2018

Página 28 de la Gramática General Española (1)

‘Página 28 de la Gramática General Española’, found file, 2018

Bruno Neiva is a text artist. This is a found, unaltered piece, a page Bruno took from a Spanish book on linguistics. It’s a piece on the (supposed) European solidarity towards refugees. Curiously, the original book was published a long time before the crisis. The author used the theme by accident just to illustrate an example of a basic syntactic structure.  Website. Twitter: @umaestrutura

Jefferson JW Wayne: As Dawn breaks Over the Cancer Factory


Four photographs by Jefferson J.W. Wayne

These four photos were taken while Jefferson was working along the Houston, Texas ship channel and are apart of a collection he’s building to present along with prose under the title As Dawn Breaks Over the Cancer Factory. As an industrial firefighter and process operator he is privy to these sights every day. They are an attempt to showcase the current future of industry as it moves forward to its slow death in the world.

Mark Coverdale: Turkeys for Christmas

Turkeys for Christmas

The future is stupid,
The past is a bastard,
The present, coalescent.
So what’s left?
‘Bout 52%

Mark Coverdale is the Art School Mod Poet. Born in Darlington the year Elvis died. Now in London via Oldham writing and performing socially and politically observational poetry. Published by Penguin. Twitter: @cov_art

Astra Papachristodoulou: The methodology of Astropolis

As guest-editor this month, I was fortunate to have published a small selection of stunning, future-facing poems from Astropolis (Haverthorn Press, 2018) by Astra Papachristodoulou earlier this month. I also asked Astra if she would write a small piece on Astropolis, which she has kindly done.

The methodology of Astropolis  Continue reading “Astra Papachristodoulou: The methodology of Astropolis”

David Turner: fragment – teaspoon

Fragment - teaspoon

David Turner is the founding editor of the Lunar Poetry Podcasts series, has a City & Guilds certificate in Bench Joinery along with the accompanying scars, is known to the Bristol, Kristiansand and Southwark Community Mental Health Teams as a ‘service user’ and has represented Norway in snow sculpting competitions. Originally from London but now living in Bristol. No greater current ambition in life than to achieve Grade 1 in piano. Widely unpublished. Working-class. Picket line poet. @Silent_Tongue

FE Clark: Myopia


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Pete Treglown: untitled future objects & the garden of technological progress

untitled future objects

untitled future objects

the garden of technological progress

the garden of technological progress

Dorset-based artist Pete Treglown has developed a multi-faceted approach to making art works. His work is essentially a form of audio and visual assemblage, collecting images and ideas from varied sources and combining them into re-contextualised narratives that have a socio-political content. Website address

Max Wilkinson: A Hundred Ways The Fire Starts

A Hundred Ways 1A Hundred Ways 2A Hundred Ways 3A Hundred Ways 4

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Maddison Stoff: Android Court Transcription

Official – Subject To Final Review


(9 :45 a.m.)

CHIEF JUSTICE GIBSON: We’ll hear argument f this morning in Case 84-2532, Android Rights Coalition verses The People’s Republic of America.


ORAL ARGUMENT OF TX-38 Continue reading “Maddison Stoff: Android Court Transcription”

Sarah James/Leavesley: & where, then


& where then.jpg

& where, then

Sarah James/Leavesley is a restless/creative chameleon, who loves working across genre and media including poetry, fiction, journalism and photography. She doesn’t believe in much any more, except that the present is our future. Her website is at Sarah tweets here

Cai Draper: The New Discount Chain, Fuck & Systems

Cai Draper BHP submissionCai Draper BHP submission 2Cai Draper BHP submission 3

Cai Draper is a poet from south London. He recently completed an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of East Anglia. Systems was previously published in the UEA MA Poetry Anthology (Egg Box Publishing 2018)

featured image: Cai Draper

Eve Black: Black Scratch 1-3

Black Scratch 1

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