New era rising

New species forming

Death on the streets

Life underground

Mass quarantine

Virus spreading

Misinformation as plague

Plague as tragedy

Tragedy as farce another farce another farce but this is real

This is real the people say


Global warfare

Lock up your opinions

Redefine your ego but pretend it’s not there

It’s the Dark Age of Aquarius

Rising through the ashes

Another spectacle born and reborn and born and reborn

It’s so beautiful the way you kill like that

Can I have one of your sick minds to go?

You know we can’t eat here

So I’ll meet you at the edge of the extreme at home

It’s a short term rental

We can dance to the apocalypse long distance

Social systems collapsing

Collapsing into pieces of who?

The band or the organization

Organize my band

There is no identity left

There is no identity right

It’s the Dark Age of Aquarius

Children of the night matured

Recreating civilization

Can I borrow a mask?

It’s so cute the way you devour like that

Can you be the horseman

Have some saddles for the launch

Wanna read the story and forget the narration?

How many narratives does it take to find a truth?

Cure me of my negative positive negative positive frequency frequently plugged in plugged out

It’s the Dark Age of Aquarius

National antisocialism

Antinatalist sex work is working are you home for the job?

You will never understand what we learned during that one initiation seminar

But when it all goes away you will see

What the others fear to discuss has arrived

It’s the Dark Age of Aquarius

Just be quiet baby doll lullaby of silence



Rachel Haywire is the founder of Trigger Warning and author of The New Art Right. You can follow her on Twitter @BeyondTheCenter.


Image: Collage by Joan Pope