It has been an eternity and at this juncture, the glinting of our bones serves as a signal flare into the ether. By now all our flesh has nearly rotted and fallen off. There are quite a few more birds that follow us as well. Some large amount of time passes, and we notice in the distance what appears to be a small biplane. We see it as it periodically blocks out the sunlight. It passes between the bones of the contraption and it takes us a moment to realize it’s not the shadow of the plane in the distance but the plane itself. It’s a miniature biplane, a two-seater. We watch it exit the contraption and putter a few hundred meters more down the shore. As we run to catch up to it I realize the people inside must be terrified.


Daniel Beauregard lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has appeared in a number of places including tragickal, Heavy Feather Review, Alwayscrashing, sleepingfish, The Fanzine, smoking glue gun, Poor Claudia, ILK, Jellyfish, and elsewhere. He has previously published two chapbooks of poetry, HELLO MY MEAT and Before You Were Born. He’s also a co-founder of OOMPH!, a small press devoted to the publication of poetry and prose in translation. He’s currently working on a novel titled Lord of Chaos and can be reached @666ICECREAM.

Photographs from performance by Leif Holmstrand.

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