The Fat Elephant

    The elephants were crossing the crosswalk A piece of light fell off a building window The trainers were somewhere lost, except their shadows The elephants, who cross a life holding onto tails, they don’t know The world is a gray opening and nothing more Every road opens with the mother elephant’s anus The roots of African forests stretched out of the anus and grew all around the long nose When one day the trainers brought the black whips down on their backs, the young elephants witnessed the roots discharge from their noses in bouquets When they were pushed out of the forests, the sky’s roots like bare feet dried up white and pale The world is a gray opening and nothing more The young elephants walked along, following the blur of light in the opening Stepping on the shadows of trainers, the mother elephant climbed over the fences and entered the street’s roar Square-shaped anuses adorned every building façade So charming were the city anuses the elephants stuck their heads in openings that led them inland Where unfamiliar tribes sprinted across a firm blueprint Sirens rang, and disorienting meiosis began Countless trainers jumped out of the sharp anus shouldering the heavy nose There happened to be another forest The young elephants let go of the tails The great forest began to swallow the sidewalk The old trainers drove their heads into the young elephants’ anuses The fat elephant, just turned thirty, stopped in front of the television The screen was wide open

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