One Day Mother

When cramps come,

With knotted stomach sickness

And hours curled

I remember one week of knowing you,

The children you named,

Those who’d have,

My eyes

And your hair.



Followed by your tears when

A month in scare hit,

The relief of the negative

But watching your heart break.

Then fun passed,

You left.

Still said when we last met,

You thought I’d be

the mother for them one day,

And oh how beautiful I’d look then.

I never saw myself wanting that

Before you

And months past,

Still blamed my broken body

On why you left.

So with every bleed

You invade my mind

Think of future child with

My fire eyes

But someone else’s love.

Eden is twenty and finishing up her final year studying Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths University. She has only started writing and sharing works in the last six months and creates personal pieces from experience as part of personal healing processes as well as allowing others to relate to a shared experience.