Burning House Press are excited to welcome PAUL HAWKINS as our NOVEMBER guest editor! As of today Paul will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of November.

Submissions for Paul are open from today – 1st November and will remain open until 23rd November.

Paul’s Theme for the month is as follows



Paul has introduced his theme for your guidance:


Facing up to the future


Please submit work of a future-facing, avant-garde nature that is singly or a combination of form(s): poetry, prose, visual artworks, collage, sound, photography, musical scores, architectural design, forms, maps, film, sketches, plans, short stories in which context dominates content.


for e.g.


the poetry of: space-junk, fake news, black ops, artificial intelligence,

the visual taste of global-warming, #metoo, rising-tides

the musical scent of Brexit, Trump, The Cloud

the sound map of: gentrification, water-shortage, anarchism


ENCOURAGED: work that is collaborative, radical, experimental, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s).

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