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Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin: Beneath Space // Coil Evolver

Beneath Space

Beneath Space (Numerous LEDs in a Republic) Continue reading “Mark Goodwin: Beneath Space // Coil Evolver”

Three poems by Mark Goodwin

February 29th 1933

The saddest thing for the English to bear, is not what they have lost, but instead
what they know has not yet been found, but is nevertheless enduring in the shadows.
– Derrick Adderage

The house has slid here
to this wide street-middle; it floats
like a dark ship on smooth wet tarmac; it splits
the road that seems to flow slowly

either side of it.

The houses lining the street shrink
as this one house inflates
with where it came from.

And him. Continue reading “Three poems by Mark Goodwin”

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