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Kevin Farrell

Can’t Fake a Fake Life, by Kevin Farrell, Jr

I’m completely over it.

This ever present guilt,
an effervescent spirit;
it took death to impress.

Ephemeral pleasures,
hold on, it’s already gone.

All clowns cry,
our clocks wink goodnight.

Won’t buy what you’re selling;
rather rob you blind in broad daylight.

The most beautiful thing in the world
is realizing there is no soul that carries on.

Beyond and after
is just here and now,

an angle unseen
from a self-centered mirage.

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2 Poems by Kevin R. Farrell, Jr.

Just a Thought

For the warming comfort of snow,
to thaw that which has been left frigid,

to repress is to die,
refrain and move on,

this is life persisting,
death meanders on,

run ragged,
pursue more,

a salivating void of all emotion,
numb to escape,

place distance between what happened
and any attachment to it,

two contradictory planes of existence,
abandon “your” self, rid the vessel of “my” anything, Continue reading “2 Poems by Kevin R. Farrell, Jr.”

Rot by Kevin Farrell

Call up your dead ones,
let ‘em know where they buried their bones,

shit isn’t meant to be,
just manifest what is into being,

muster up the strength to leave the apartment,
anxiety used to be hell without drugs,

now we’re walking clean, clean, clean and clean with meaning,

pretentious former addicts pissing off the weekend warrior drunks who want to piss the bed in peace.

All the apples of the family tree 
convinced they’re not as rotten as me,

drink yourself under the table
playing footsie with sobriety.

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