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Kate Garrett

An elf turns inside out for the dragon by Kate Garrett


my fire-breathing mother says she believes in love—

she preaches starvation, picks the latest
drive-thru-visit hoard from her teeth
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Two Poems by Kate Garrett

When you converted to vampirism


you took me with you like a schoolgirl crush

and renamed me in her image. You carried your


halo well—a wisp of cloudlight through the pub

window when you told me I belong in the chapel


of bones, that making a pilgrimage to the town

built on death would suit my medieval fixations.


But with ink held under our tongues like cyanide

– Camus, Pessoa – we hadn’t grown up. Your voice


was a needle skip around a pistol grip, while I cider-

drenched wraiths only I could see. We based ourselves


on bloodstains, never let on we’d sunbleached them to dust;

we never let on these winding sheets were lifted


from a well-mannered airing cupboard, the emperor’s

new shrouds – hiding inside them with hearts that still beat.

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