Not For Profit/For Prophecy


Finn Lafcadio O’Hanlon

Essaouira Diary by Finn Lafcadio O’Hanlon

In Anton Newcombe’s studio in Berlin, there was a typewriter. On this typewriter was a faded, dusty note that read, Everyone should be shipwrecked once in their life.

These words had an unsettling effect on me. Whether I understood it at the time or not, my ship was already on the rocks.
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Make A Way If There Isn’t One by Heather Saunders Estes

Finders of hidden places,

young children, explorers, climbers,

crawl under fence wires, dig, cut,

trespass on private property, Continue reading “Make A Way If There Isn’t One by Heather Saunders Estes”

Creation by Erynn Pontius

It burst out of you like a swarm of bees,
And you didn’t recognize the scream.

Moonlight drizzled across your forehead
Like milk and honey seeping from the comb. Continue reading “Creation by Erynn Pontius”

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