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A poem by Emma Miles

(“X-ray of self-mutilation (Reeve 41788), National Museum of Health and Medicine”by medicalmuseum is licensed under CC BY 2.0 )

Musings from a ward

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Dreaming St. Conan’s Kirk by Ever Dundas

When I was nine, I dreamed of going to Mars. I dreamed of being swept away to fantastical lands. I dreamed of joining David at Groosham Grange, and travelling with Sarah in her quest to the Goblin City. I’m still a dreamer, but I no longer dream of escape. The ordinary and the fantastical inhabit the same world. There are ghosts, vampires, goblins, cyborgs, and aliens round every corner, lurking down every close. There are mermaids and krakens in the ocean, dragons in the sky. Continue reading “Dreaming St. Conan’s Kirk by Ever Dundas”

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