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‘memory/loss in the key of blue’ by caitlin m. spencer

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A poem by B. A. Varghese

(Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash)

I speak in Fish

Alone I float, weightless
under the ripples, around
the muffled laughter darting
through the water, as if
the sounds fought its way
to present itself to my ears.
Long legs of white, brown, black,
are pale with a hue of blue.
Light from above pokes
through like shards,
breaking, scattering against
the shadows of the deep.
I look up to my father and mother
standing above the water,
now different than from
my recollection, they glance
toward me then not.
They are disfigured
by the ripples in a form
constantly changing, never
returning to the shape they
once were. They look unfamiliar.
I open my mouth and I speak
in fish with soundless bubbles,
the language of gravenche
and beyşehir bleak, yet I wonder how
they can tell that they
are so dear.
The water grows quiet,
the legs are all gone,
I have been here too long,
my skin wrinkles.
I see that my father and mother
too have gone, no more than
a memory, and the ripples
of a powder blue sky fade
darker to black, a universe
quiet and alone. I still look up
into the emptiness,
breathless, wondering
what I did to make them all leave.

B. A. Varghese graduated from Polytechnic University (New York) with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently working in the Information Technology field. Inspired to explore his literary side, he has earned a B.A. in English from the University of South Florida. His works have appeared in Cleaver Magazine, Apalachee Review, Quail Bell Magazine, and other literary journals. (…

Ash and Stardust xi: Agents of Change

Ash and Stardust, a monthly column by energy worker and artist/writer DHIYANAH HASSAN explores the intersections of tarot with healing and creativity. You can read the rest of the series here.

When you look at a card like The Tower, where do you see yourself in it? Pull it out now and observe the illustration of the card in front of you, do you recognize yourself in the tower falling apart, the figures raining down towards the ground, the air ignited by lightning, or anything else that’s happening in there?

Tarot encourages us to consider situating ourselves in scenarios we may not be able to acknowledge or recognize without some support. In this way, the cards open us to investigation, exploration, and possibility. With cards like The Fool, The Lovers, or Six of Wands, they encourage us to see ourselves as deserving more goodness from ourselves or from the world around us. And cards like The Tower, Five of Cups, and Ten of Wands – these difficult cards? They’re just as much avenues for liberation as the more obviously affirming, softer cards.

Our imagination, under social conditionings that are oppressive and oppressing, limits us. Our imagination, integrated with our soul’s truth, frees us.

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