The Wound-Space

The Wound-Space is themed around the inherited trauma of the land in Northern France around the Somme, the site of the Battles of Agincourt, Waterloo and Loos in 1415, 1815 and 1915 respectively.

The whole world is open;

it’s quiet here

and hoe’d

like the land and the flat

and the water carries all your

blood would;

the life and the cells and

endemic disease

and the warm organic thickness;

its root-bones disturbed

and damaged and whole

but the head in the sand

saw nothing at all

Annabel Mahoney is Editor-in-Chief of the Wellington Street Review and the Creative Director of Royal Rose Magazine. She has been widely published in a number of literary journals and anthologies; most recently RECLAIM/RESIST Anthology, SOFTCARTEL, the Honest Ulsterman, Chantwood, Riggwelter Press and Occulum Journal. Annabel has been shortlisted for a handful of poetry and prose prizes by the Human Rights Watch and The Literary Association. In October, she will join the English Department at the University of Durham, researching the intersection of touch, trauma and masculinity in exploration and combat literature of the 20th Century.