The Man I’ve Never Met


Today I went to a funeral for the man I’ve never met

Oceans of relatives washed around the body

Drowning the figure in remembrance

Old memories and photographs of a life now forgotten


I was a pond on the pier

My blood had been dripped with the salty water

I had never touched the man

But today I looked out from behind the sea wall at all the waves dragging the body away from shore

And I realized there are other oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and many innocent ponds that will never know of the man


One day you too will wither away

And I will be in the ocean that swallows your body in protection

Seventy percent of the world is water

But most will never touch you

And at your ceremony to relieve you from this life

A simple pond will look out from its pier and wistfully think of their own bodies

Someday they will be pulled away to sea


Today I went to a funeral for the man I’ve never met

The circle of life seems like torture when you’re the ocean

But when you’re an innocent pond

Death can be beautiful




Ally Schulte is 17 years old and from Wentzville, Missouri. She’s a lover of all arts, from writing to drawing all the way over to music. She also has an undeniable love of her friends, who are with her every step of the way.

featured image by badpoem